Creed II (2018)

“Creed must fight me or he is no champion”

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What to say about this movie….

Creed II is the sequel to the movie Creed which takes place three years after Creed and follows recently crowned champion, Adonis Johnson-Creed (I guess this is how I would say it). His reign may be short lived as the real fight that the people want to see is Creed take on Ivan Drago’s son, Victor Drago. Yes, somebody had a kid with Ivan Drago. Will Creed hold on to his title or will history repeat itself?

Plot 3.5/5

Overall, the story is told very well. It’s very grounded in reality and cuts out that three year filler with Adonis first appearing on screen as the number 1 contender for the championship. It rules out the “what happens now” factor that the first movie left us with. The greatness of this plot is that we go into detail about what happened to Drago after the Rocky fight. I’m not sure if anyone was curious about that (I know I wasn’t) but here we are! It’s nicely paced but a little uneven when it comes to moving the plot forward and filler. We really don’t need Adonis going to the gym with his newborn baby to punch the bag nor the “can the baby hear” scene. I mean, it does nothing for the story unless it’s meant to give Adonis some sort of fighting motivation or to make Bianca seem not useless to the story. We really don’t have a great idea of what the timeline is from him winning the championship to him losing/winning the first fight against Drago. It’s announced in the final fight that Drago hasn’t been back to Russia in years but he was fighting in Russia in the beginning, right? Right? Well, if so, then how come that baby didn’t get any older? See what I mean!Cut the movie down by like 25-30 minutes of nothing and we got a perfect boxing movie.

Visual 3.5/5

Creed II had extremely big shoes to fill coming behind the genius that is Ryan Coogler who directed Creed. Coogler set the bar high with his incredible long takes and few edits used during the filming of the movie. Creed II does not disappoint from a visual stand point but the fights could have been a little less Rocky and a bit more Creed. There is one particular shot in the movie that topped the firsts visuals and that’s the “running down the road in front of the car in the desert.” That shot was perfect emphasis to the “look how far we’ve come” triumphant moment and the score killed. It KILLED!

The movie as a whole is dimly lit (I’m guessing it’s symbolism of the fall of Creed) and doesn’t really brighten up until we get to the reconciliation between Creed and Rocky. Still a good movie to look at!

Score 4/5

Let’s talk about the score for a brief moment, PHENOMENAL! Creed’s theme kills, Drago’s theme kills, and the montages kill. Ludwig Göransson absolutely figured out the best music to give us the feels that put us on the edge of our seats. Creed III has some really big shoes to fill!!

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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