IT (2017)

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It’s been so long since I’ve written a review that I had to start right here!

“You’ll Float Too”

This movie…. This movie right here… The one that ruined my childhood was remade to ruin my adult life. You know, this is the movie that made my brother hate clowns. It made me hate scary movies in general but when I saw that a remake was coming, even though the child inside of me curled up with terror, I knew I had to watch it.

The movie follows my favorite childhood group, The Losers, after the “disappearance” of Georgie, Bill’s little brother. Long story short, Pennywise the Clown is a scary, child eating demon that needs to be removed from my nightmares.

Visual 3.5/5

It may be hard to believe in a horror film, but the movie is shot quite beautifully. There is a specific shot in the film where the kids are swimming in the pond/lake and for the first time in the movie, they feel like kids. It feels like they are just enjoying their summer. The sun glistens off the water while they look like they’re having genuine fun. You didn’t think that you would find fun in a classic horror remake.

IT himself is…. he’s…. creepy-scary. Creepy because that smile will definitely come off as friendly like a pedophile and once he gets close enough, he’ll tear your arm off (sorry Georgie). Scary because, he can invoke so much fear using things that you’re already afraid of. I will say that none of the things that IT transforms into is scarier than his own form so I don’t understand why he doesn’t just use that. He’s pretty terrifying to the kids on his own, no?

Plot 2.5/5

So, let’s talk about Pennywise’s plan for a second. Now, I get that the kids have to be afraid of him in order for this to work but here’s my problem. In many instances, IT will appear to scare the living hell out of these kids but then he just lets them run off. One of them was in his backyard and almost frozen with fear before running away but IT just let him leave.  I just can’t figure out why some kids he’ll let go but others get taken and eaten, I think. I guess, it wouldn’t be much of a movie if everyone was caught like how it would work in the real world. Also, he seems to only need like one kid a month, right? His origin would suggest that he only comes to feed every like 27 or 29 years or something so why would he….(wait, I just realized that Jeeper’s Creepers totally is based on IT. Think about it, he only comes out every like 27 or 29 years for like a month to feed on people who are afraid of him accept he can’t turn into anything. Not really sure what his purpose is. Sorry, way off track…)…take a month off after taking Betty Ripsum or another month while the kids get prepared to go face him. Now, that I think about it, Pennywise really is just a jump-scare jerk!

What made the original movie so amazing is the fact that you never actually see Pennywise kill anyone (except the guy he pulled through the pipe in that one scene) but he creates such an imagination that he is killing and that’s always been what made him scary.

Although the plot is a bit scattered with it’s time slots, a lot of the greatness in the movie comes from the visuals. Nostalgia overload for me and we all know how much I love that! I’m very excited to see Chapter 2 with the children as adults. This movie still gave me chills but I can’t say that it tops it’s original even though it’s almost a shot-for-shot remake of the original. It’s still a great cash-grab and beautifully shot movie for the new generation to experience how we felt as children.

Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨


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