Solidfoe Luchi: Pay Attention

#CWAG #Solidfoe #Luchi #PayAttention #Mixtape Did Christmas come early? I think it did with the long overdue mixtape of Chicago/Harvey based rapper, Solidfoe Luchi, Pay Attention. The “Fuckery” rapper teamed up with DJ Fiestaboii of Chicago to bring a new life to hip hop. The up and coming rapper holds nothing back on his debut mixtape as he takes you on a 40 minute walk through his … Continue reading Solidfoe Luchi: Pay Attention

Gotham – Season 1 Ep. 1 – Pilot

#TVReviews #Gotham #DCEU #TrustDelle Fish Mooney is Fav! The pilot sets up the main premise for the whole first season, WHO KILLED BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS? That is the driving force for Detective Gordon as he makes Bruce a promise that he will find out.  Everything about the first episode really pulled me in to Gotham City. I felt like I was on the GCPD or … Continue reading Gotham – Season 1 Ep. 1 – Pilot

Spotlight: Nas

#nas #nasir #stillmatic #todayinhiphop #DellesSpotlight ALRIGHT, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW! I want to take this time to give a spotlight to the Ether rapper, Nas, who released his fifth studio album 17 years ago today entitled Stillmatic. What would hip hop be without Nas? We’ll never know the answer to that question because why would we want to know! Happy Birthday Stillmatic. Link … Continue reading Spotlight: Nas