Clash of the Titans (2010)

#TuesdayThoughts  #TeacherAppreciationDay

“Let them know men did this”

That’s right! Men did that! They did it so well that I’m quite happy to write this review. Even though the movie is critically considered a bad/mediocre film, I beg to differ.

The movie follows Perseus, son of Zeus, as he embarks on a revenge adventure to kill Hades after he mistakenly murders his family. Perseus is filled with rage and hate as he makes his way with a handful of soldiers to find Medusa. His hatred intertwines with the fate of Argos, who has been targeted for slaughter due to their unloving nature towards the Gods. Hades gives Argos 10 days to give up the princess of Argos as a sacrifice to sate his monstrous beast, The Kraken. We all know what happened in the end, right? Oh yeah, Medusa’s head rolled, literally!

Visual – 2.5/5

The movies CGI is quite a little less than my expectation but it’s still pretty good. The Kraken looks good when it’s being turned to stone but before hand, it could have been put together better. Medusa looks better since we get that close up of her and we can almost feel her coils move across the ground. The movie isn’t stunning visually but I’ve seen worse.

Plot – 1.5/5

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of Greek mythology. I can read stories about the Greek Gods for hours and not be bored of them. When it comes to the movie, some things do hold true: Perseus did kill Medusa. I think that’s really all that matches to his story. I don’t remember him killing the Kraken but I’ll research and get back to you. I do remember him killing a sea monster sent by Poseidon but not the Kraken.

I guess they capture the essence of Perseus but I do have some questions about the plot:

  1. Why doesn’t Perseus marry Andromeda;
  2. Who is IO;
  3. Perseus knew he was a demi-God and he even embraced that side. Why not state that truth;

I’m not sure why the movies stray so far away from the a perfectly good storyline like Perseus’ story but they always do. I’m not even sure where Wrath of the Titans came from but before I review it, I’m going to do my research.

Score – 3.5/5

The score for this movie is actually the best part. The music really makes you feel the tension in scenes like them chasing King Acrisius through the woods after he attacks Perseus or the victory theme that plays before Perseus kills Medusa. The music becomes a character in it’s own right and It’s not a bad soundtrack. I think that Ramin Djawadi did an amazing job on this movie and I wouldn’t mind hearing more from him.

Rating: 2.5/5 ⭐️⭐️✨

It’s just missing so much of Perseus because of the plot. Movies need to stick to the source material and not steer off the rails to far.



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