Clash of the Titans (2010)

#TuesdayThoughts  #TeacherAppreciationDay “Let them know men did this” That’s right! Men did that! They did it so well that I’m quite happy to write this review. Even though the movie is critically considered a bad/mediocre film, I beg to differ. The movie follows Perseus, son of Zeus, as he embarks on a revenge adventure to kill Hades after he mistakenly murders his family. Perseus is … Continue reading Clash of the Titans (2010)


#TuesdayThoughts Welcome back followers as I present to you #BoxOfficeMonday.  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted but I’m really feeling it today so get ready for a swarm of  posts. Every movie that comes out in theaters doesn’t always perform well so I’m only giving the top five from the weekend, May  4, 2018 to May 6, 2018! Avengers: Infinity War – $114,774,810.00 … Continue reading #BoxOfficeMonday