Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)


“The bond between brothers is the sword that defends our Empire”

I want to start this by saying that I love Jake Gyllenhaal in this film. As far as movies that dibble and dab with time travel, I like this one. It has its perks of action and suspense, plus the storyline makes sense, a little bit. Let’s get into it….

The movie starts all wrong if you ask me. First, they make you read then they make you listen to narration. I think that movie creators may think that us as viewers are slow. It’s like jumping right into the movie would be way too much for us to figure out so they just have to tell us as to not get lost. Biggest movie mistake of all time, to me.

The movie itself is visually captivating as we explore Persia through the eyes of an orphan child turned Prince due to his bravery and courage. Okay, I can believe that if the King is a good King. Dastan is a very interesting character because his power is not something that he was born with but something that he earns. He loves and respects his older brothers while never having a desire to rule the nation. His true power stems from his love and loyalty to the family that took him in. That’s something worth watching…

Let’s talk about Uncle Nazim for a moment. Nazim’s plan is very long-winded but here it is…

Dastan mentions a story about his father and uncle that his father would always tell him. When the two prince’s were young, they were almost attacked by a lion while hunting. Nazim killed the lion before it could kill his brother, who later becomes king. Nazim wants to….

  1. Invade Allamut;
  2. Find the fable Sands of Time;
  3. Somehow release the Sand to go back in time;
  4. So far back in time that he doesn’t save his brother from the lion;
  5. Let’s his brother get killed and he becomes King.

This plan is hella stupid! How many of these “once upon a time” movies have we seen where the brother wants to be King so he either sets up some sort of assassination to have his brother killed or starts a war to have the family flee to rid the crown of the king and his kids. I mean, so many other tactics could have been used but to go back to when they were kids is drastic for a crown. There was no other way to make this work or did he just have to be King for his entire life? He was better off getting the kingdom to rebel against the King to overthrow him. Maybe I’m wrong. The only good thing about this plan is that he would be able to keep all the knowledge that he has obtained over the years since he would be the only person who knows that time has shifted. That actually might be worth the time travel.

Garsiv so fine. That’s all…..

Prince/King Tus actually came through in the end. I didn’t think he would actually believe or listen to Dastan when he told him about the dagger. He knew that Dastan wasn’t cowardly enough to take his own life nor would he have gone to their father’s funeral knowing that he could be captured or killed. Knowing your family and how they move makes a difference when it all comes down to it and Tus believed his brother even as he stood accused of the murder of their father.

I always write quotes from movies at the top of my reviews because there’s always a line that sticks out to me the most and the one up top really hit home. I have two older siblings and my mother would always say that we were all each other had. I 100% believe that their is a bond between siblings that holds a family together, which is how I apply the quote.

Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨


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