Coco (2017)

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“Being a part of this family means you are here for THIS family”

Well, what can I say. Disney/Pixar has pulled my heart strings with this one. I love a good “I have to live my dreams” story. I think I smiled and rooted for Miguel the entire movie.

I was shocked at how well thought out this movie was. It wasn’t as stereotypical as I imagined because, as you know, Disney really dances the line with it’s stereotypes of people. The movie follows a young Miguel who only wants to be a musician and play for the world but his family is 100% against music due his great-great grandfather leaving the family to play. They only focus on making shoes and want Miguel to follow in those footsteps. Miguel discovers that his great-great grandfather wasn’t just a musician but the most famous musician of his time and all Miguel wants to be him. After not being supported, he runs off to play in a talent show. Miguel “borrows” his great-great grandfather’s guitar, who is dead, and with a strum of the strings, ends up in the Land of the Dead. He meets his dead family and discovers the truth about their past.

Let me start by saying this; who the hell doesn’t listen to music ever? There’s music all around us, even if you’re not looking for it. From people beating on buckets to cars honking in traffic, you can’t avoid it. Music can be made with anything, literally, so how do they stay away from it? Don’t tell me they never leave the house because the movie opens with Miguel in town square shining shoes. This notion is the one thing that makes no sense in this movie. So, while the family makes shoes nobody hums or whistles? Yeah, no… not sold on that.

Why is Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar magic and a pathway to the Land of the Dead? I really didn’t get that. I’ve seen this movie about 4 times and it’s not explained. I’m sure he’s there in real life right? He can’t be dreaming about the Land of the Dead or can he? Maybe the spirits really are with him but it’s a little far fetched.

The visuals in the movie are stunning. It’s so bright and playful. I just love looking at how they put this world together with so much detail and attention. From sky to ground, stunning!

Overall, minus the unanswered questions, it was a good watch. The plot and storytelling was pretty good and the twist is to die for (I absolutely dropped that reference).

Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨


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