We’re the Millers (2013)

#FlashbackFriday  #Comedy  #FridayFeeling Yup, I think the clip really speaks for itself. This movie is funny! The video above is one of my favorite moments in the entire movie when Scotty P has to sit down with Casey’s fake parents for the “talk”. Overall, although the movie is hilarious, it’s not side splitting funny as reality has shattered most of my expectations of movies today. … Continue reading We’re the Millers (2013)

Spotlight: Oprah Winfrey

#BlackHistoryMonth  #GroundHogDay  #MemoDay So, instead of the usual candidates that we talk about during Black History Month, I want to mix it up. I want to give a spotlight to the generations that are alive now and still making history. That’s right, it’s 2018 and black people are still breaking barriers as “the first” to do or receive something! My first spotlight goes to none … Continue reading Spotlight: Oprah Winfrey

Maze Runner: Death Cure (2018)

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! “You can save your friends or you can save us all” #GroundHogDay  #HappyFriday Let me start by saying this: If you have not seen the first two Maze Runner movies you will be lost. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE FIRST TWO! *takes deep breath* The Death Cure is the perfect finale for a series … Continue reading Maze Runner: Death Cure (2018)