King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

“Why have enemies when you can have friends.”


You know, whenever I write reviews, I always find myself giving out so much information about the movie that I end up erasing it and just doing the review like I intended to. It happened just now. It’s almost like a warm up and refresher of what I’m about to write so here we go:

I particularly enjoyed this movie. Maybe it’s the badassness of Arthur that really pulls me in but I don’t have a whole lot of bad to say about it. It’s full of action, adventure and comedy for that matter while still maintaining its medieval roots. Even though Arthur doesn’t start out as the King, his journey to becoming one was worth the watch.

Regrettably, no movie is perfect. I really don’t understand the role of the Mage in the movie. Is she really helpful? I mean, besides the female element she brings to the movie, what is her purpose. It seems as though everything that she knows they have to do, so does Bedivere. I love to see women in movies, don’t get me wrong, but as long as they’re there for a reason, not just to soften the movie up. She doesn’t seem like a value to them. Moving on…

How is the uncle/king/monster guy just offing his entire family and no one has anything to say about this? Sure, it’s old England but I’m sure that him walking through a castle carrying his dead daughter to a dungeon should raise some suspicion, right? Isn’t that a crime to just go around killing your family members which is why everyone who wanted power killed their older brother on the low.

There’s a character named Tristian/Wet Stick and I don’t know what him or the character Back Lack does either. I mean, I like them as extras in the movie for screen filling purposes but other than being one of the homies, pretty useless. I never see them save Arthur’s life or even be next to him in a fight. Maybe I should watch again because they don’t have a memorable on screen presence. I remember Lucy (the girl who got beat up by the pirates/viking dudes) more than Wet Stick in particular.

Overall, it’s a good movie but nothing about it says King Arthur to me. It seems as though they just used the name and wrote a movie around it. I know that King Arthur wasn’t a mob boss raised by prostitutes in Londinium before pulling the sword from a rock that just happened to be his father’s who was killed by his brother…. you get my point. I think it was a good movie just based on the movie based on the screenplay (minus the overuse of flashbacks, 3D and slow motion) but it should just be Legend of the Sword. Leave King Arthur out of this one please.

Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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