Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

My 5-year-old daughter and I saw this movie last night and although she fell asleep, I quite enjoyed it. I think I was more excited to see this film than my daughter was.

The movie starts off pretty good. Although we don’t see the kid get sucked into the game, we know it happened. The 20 year jump into the future is a great nod to the first movie when Alan Parrish (Robin Williams) was trapped inside the game for 26 years. I found that the circumstances which each student receives detention is very realistic but having them clean out an old classroom to make room for a computer lab is a little bizarre. Also, why is the game console in the school and what kind of system is it? No one has even seen one before and a gamer like Spencer (Alex Wolff) should be able to identify it with no problems, right? The movie gets underway pretty quickly as Spencer, Bethany (Madison Iseman), Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain) and Martha (Morgan Turner) are “sucked” into the game.

Inside the game, each of them take the form of the avatar that they have chosen and the one I really feel bad for is Bethany as she becomes Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon (Jack Black).

Before I watched this movie, I really thought that Kevin Hart (Fridge/Franklin “Mouse” Finbar) would steal the comedic spotlight and completely rule the screen but matching him up with comedic heavyweight, Jack Black, made for a very interesting exchange. Not only does Jack Black stand out the most in the movie, he does so by playing a teenage high school girl trapped in a middle-aged, overweight man’s body and that is what you call a plot twist for the millennium. He doesn’t overdue it or overact in any scene while still bringing that comedic Jack Black we all love.

Dwayne Johnson (Spencer/Dr. Smolder Bravestone) plays the leader of the pack, obvi, and still holds his own funny with two comedy juggernauts while delivering the best of The Rock; from his signature moves like his eyebrow raise and Rockbottom to slapping Kevin Hart and smoldering for no reason, the man is just genius as an actor. He gets so deep with his character that he made me believe that he discovered those big arm muscles right there in that movie.

Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) can kick everyone’s butt in the movie so therefore, she is the G.O.A.T. for this film. That’s it. Let’s argue about it.

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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